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How to Block Social Media Websites in Google Chrome

Got stuck in a vicious cycle of reading news, watching videos, or scrolling through your social media feeds? Dayboard's New Tab To Do List and Site Blocker extension can help you fight distractions and block social media websites like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube until your work is done.

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Follow these four steps to block distractions, regain focus, and start getting your work done.

  1. Install the Dayboard New Tab To Do List and Site Blocker extension.
  2. Open a new tab and add your top priority tasks for today.
  3. Visit the Blocked Sites tab under Extension settings (Click on the icon in the bottom left corner.) Extension setting
  4. Add the URLs of all the distracting websites (e.g. Reddit, Facebook, Youtube, etc.) into the blacklist of sites you’d like to block. Blocked sites setting
  5. (Optional) Create a free Dayboard account to start syncing your data across multiple devices.

More ways to get the most out of Dayboard

  • Set your priorities five tasks at a time
  • Set custom task reminders while browsing the internet to refocus your attention
  • Block all the distracting sites to keep you focused on your work
  • Sync your tasks across multiple devices by creating an account

“Fabulous. I love it. It helps me to stay away from social media websites and make my day productive.”

Amar Singh


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