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Dayboard is a minimal, daily to do list built in your browser's new tab page. It helps you stay focused, block distractions, and prioritize your most important tasks each day.

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Focus on your priorities, not busywork.

Not everything on your to do lists are worth doing. Dayboard is designed to help you limit your daily priorities to just five tasks at a time. This helps you set your daily focus while preventing you from feeling overwhelmed.

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“Love it! Being a terrible procrastinator I find this has helped me finally get stuff done I have been holding off.”

Nathan elston

Nathan Elston

Co-owner of WebXsite

Stop wasting time on distracting sites.

We get it. The internet is a very distracting place. Our built-in site blocker helps block distractions like Facebook, Reddit, or YouTube until you have finished your work. Dayboard helps you spend less time procrastinating and more time on your most important tasks.

Site blocking

“I have Pocket installed and it is a neverending source of distraction. Now I see my most important tasks staring me in the face every time I open a tab. This is brilliant.”

Cheryl woodhouse

Cheryl Woodhouse

Communications & Marketing Coordinator at SelfDesign Learning Community

Made to refocus your attention.

Got distracted anyway? No problem. Knowing when you're sidetracked is the key to getting back to the task at hand. You can customize Dayboard to gently remind you of your next task inside any non-work related sites. This helps you increase your self-awareness and stay mindful at work.

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You are 30 seconds away from staying focused for the rest of your day.

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